About Shortcuts for Pro Tools

These shortcuts have been taken from the complete list of Pro Tools key commands available from Avid. In compiling which shortcuts to include here, all the Pro Tools shortcuts published by Avid were evaluated and a determination was made as to which are absolutely the most useful for music production everyday. By narrowing the list of more than 1100 to just over 200 useful key commands, we have made the learning of these keystrokes much less overwhelming and quite manageable.

Shortcuts for Pro Tools was developed by Eric Morgeson. Eric is an Avid certified Pro Tools Music Expert and Pro Tools Instructor / Operator and currently teaches Avid's authorized Pro Tools certification courses. He has authored one of the single most comprehensive books of Pro Tools instruction for music production entitled Practical Exercises For Pro Tools. Eric is a founding partner in Studio A Recording in Detroit Michigan, a studio that has contributed to 35 Gold & Platinum awards, 2 Grammy award winners and 15 Grammy nominations. He is also serving as an adjunct instructor in music production at the University of Michigan.

Click this link to allmusic.com to see a more complete list of recordings Eric has worked on.


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