Lesson 1 B

Lesson 1-B

Navigation & Clip Selection

Lesson #1b: Navigation and Clip Selection Shortcuts

Perform the following actions on the open session.

• While looking at the Edit Window, and with Command Focus  enabled hit the letters R and T to zoom the display out and zoom in horizontally.

• Zoom the display to an extreme, then hit ⌥ A to display the entire session.

• Make a small selection across just a part of a clip in the Edit Window.
Hit ⌥ F to view the selection entirely, then hit ⌥ A to see the entire session.

• Now let’s trim a clip with the trimmer tool (F6), You can reverse the direction of the trimmer tool by pressing the ⌥ key while executing the trim operation. Go ahead and trim the clip. Now use the Trimmer Tool to restore the clip to its full length.

• Using the Selector Tool place the cursor on a clip somewhere near the half way point in the song. Next, hold ⇧ and hit the return key. The ⇧ key will hold your cursor position and the Return key will make a selection to the beginning of the song.

• Select the Nameplate of the 1st track in the session. Hold ⇧ and select the Nameplate of the 5th track. Those 2 track Nameplates will be selected as well as all tracks in between.

• Select the Nameplate of the last track in the session. Hold ⌘ and select any other track Nameplate that is not adjacent to the currently selected track. Use this method to select non-contiguous tracks.

• With the Selector tool, make selection across a large portion of the song. Zoom way in using the letter T. The ← and → keys will now display the start and end portions of the selection without having to change your zoom settings, and while preserving your selection.

The following shortcut enables hitting the F5 thru F10 keys to select a tool without advancing to the next version of that tool.

• Hit ⇧ ⌃ T enables Edit/Tool mode keyboard lock. This prevents repeated F key tool selection from cycling to the next tool option.

• Hit ⌃ ⌘ and click a track type icon in the Mix Window to deactivate the selected track. • Hit ⌃ ⌘ and click a plug-in on an insert to deactivate the selected plug-in.